Wednesday, April 30, 2008


1 week earlier

- "So on Saturday the 26th April i need yours and Lukes help i have a project coming up and need to interview you ..."

-"Yeah sure id be glad to help out!"

-"Thanks so so much"

-" No problem at all!"


Saturday 26th April 2008
"Whats Gainni doing here???"

Hey there fellows!!

Well incase those of you who dont know some cetain people *cough* dez *cough* with the help of other people planned a surprise paintball game! And From here Id like to thank you all sososososososososo much even those who could not make it! You guys ar such amazing people .. I am so lucky to have you as my family let alone freinds :D im gna cry hehe! I was so shocked ... i was just staring hehe ! Well anyways im off! Uplaoded some pictures simon will upload more on his blog with the video!
Gbu all sorry or the short post know most of you would prefer the photos hehe ! so there you go :P ! Love ya all so so so much! xxxxxxxx!

Bdw We so Kicked AASSSSS thanks sim.... Oh YEAH!!!!

My team: Dez, Matt, Steve,Sim, Luca, Douglas, Sylvain, Becky and Me


Lukes team:Daniel,Luke, Ben ,Gianni, Ang, Gabriel, Joelle, Vanny and Kirsty



Sunday, April 6, 2008

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

Hey there kids!

Well hope you are all doing well... finally exams ... so scared! Well Yesterday we went to Charlene's house.. a BIG BIG thank you to her and her family ! I really enjoyed it .. we made PASTA ... and by we I mean .. Twig .. charlene van and I (with dez coordinating in the background)! Then I later joined an intense conversation with Matt, Simon and Van .... guess on what ???? Go on guess..

TOYSSS!!!! and FILMS!!

oh it was so much fun .. its like we wer kids all over again .. oooohh i miss it so much! It was like a became a kid again .. remembering how innocent me and Luke with the action men and barbies! And fantasia-note the pic and all disney films (surprised i forgot most :S) ... so much has changed ! Now we're all grown up with our responsibilities (ara qisna xi xjuh!) Its amazing, although I miss my childhood like everyone does .. and im so thankful to have had a great childhood! I thank my parents and family ... you know thats what we take for granted the most family and the love they give us! We must cherish it!

Anyways ... Im Crazy ...I all know you are thinking I am .. I can see it through the screen .... im wondering ... why am I here .. when i should be studying for my exams tommorow morning .,... im kinda freakin out .. cos im not freakin out - but thats just me hehe ! Well i better be off! God Bless you all .. sorry for the unintersting post .. hey .. beats Sociology - trust me it does :P !

Roger Roger -Over and Out !