Sunday, December 30, 2007

Zlajn Iglesias! Live in Scotland

HEY GUYS CHECK THIS SITE OUT its our very own steven grech turned to massive and popular zlajn iglesias GO STEVE GO STEVE its ur bday loool !!!! leave ur comments on youtube!!! Prosit steve !!!

Gbu all HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! to u all!!!


Scotland Summer 2007
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Saturday, December 22, 2007

I Wish you a merry Christmas...

Fa la la la la la la la la!

Hey there Boys and Girls!

Hope you're doing well ... (tis the season to be jolly) Sry for not posting much but had a few problems with the computer! Yeah! Finally Christmas my favourite time of the year! In a ll honesty i think im more excited on Christmas Breakfast then Christmas day! Wierd hehe! Anyways not bad of a night quite strange though we spoke looked at each other spoke ... we spoke so much we made a competition to see how many people we knew! And no sim that guy did not count as a half ... :P and ex's thats a different story :P jk ! Me , Ang , La , Matt, Mig and Sim fist drank a bit at old kegs ... reminising on past songs hehe!

Its freeezzzinnng! cnt stop shivering! anyways tomorrow its off to alive on Sunday then maybe we create something as long as its not meeting other people and competing on how famous we could be one day:P! then its Christmas Eve Yeah baby!!!!! WOOOOHHHHHOOOOO!

Gbu all

Wishing you all a Merry merry merry merry Christmas and a happy happy happy new year!

Sarah G!!!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007



Well i must say a great way to end the weekend... Spent a whole day at home with the family we spent a whole hour looking at photos of our childhood laughing at the accidents and posses we were so inncoent everything has changed drastically! i would have never imangined my life to be like this ... ive personally changed so much inside .. getting to myself slowly slowy through these past years ... 12 years have passed since that photo was taken imagine in another 12 years how different we will all be! time passes by so quickly .. we take it for granted and tend to waste out time on silly things .. well .. i know i have! Kind of exciting yet scary dont you think ...?

Yesterday night was great so sorry some of u couldnt make it .. please forgive me for not sending 2 everyone .. tried to spread the word around ... we spent till 3 am speaking .. thanks all of u for the great nite . hope u all enjoyed yourselves maybe we should do it again sometime what ya think? Anyways ive got a hactic week of non-stop exams so most prob i wont be able to blog for quite sometime! Good luck for those with tests or exams ur in my prayers!May God bless you all have a nice week !



Monday, December 3, 2007

Study, study, sudy... work, work ,work!!

Hey there boys and girls!

Pls excuse me for not writing this past week , oh ok these weeks! But i have been so so busy! work going in and out of my head! I have around 8 tests due in these coming weeks and im going crazy! Essays and assginments everywhere.. well u get the point im sure im not alone! Well these past few weeks have been amazing! two weeks ago me and some school friends of mine went to dar tal-providenza a very gratifying experience! Then the hilarious fire drill "we're gonna have chicken tonight!!! " or "burn baby burn !!" sry abt that!
And finally this amazing week.. when evangelising to the people of Senglea we witnessed a healing! I mean WOW! anyways sorry for not talking much... !! im off to study Gbu tc!

x x x

Tata my children (as dezzy wud say !)