Monday, June 16, 2008

Masquerade peoples faces on parade.....

hey guys dont have too much time on the computer cos lukes naggin me to get off the comp in 2 mins time somma just wanted to say i had a great time thanks an for such a geat party lol had too many laughs!
ill keep posting later on!!! God Bless ya Take Care xxxxxx

Sunday, June 8, 2008

"Working at the car wash!!!!"

Hey guys!

Ouch im so burnt to a crisp .. lool red everywhere .. lol and i cant move my back hehe so stiff!! lool anywho it was a great day we managed to raise money hehe thanks to Charlene and Rachel for organising it! And for all the team hehe Mike,Matt, Van, Doug, Mig, Ian , Karla, Joe and Veronica and Nikki! Was great fun! Got soaked thanks to Ian diacono and steve lol for pourinf that bucket over my dads van on me and vanny lloool hilarious the small water fight we had hehe amazing day! From 9-7 yeah baby whose the best car washing service ..Marantha !!! hehe yeah well done you guys! Thank you all for coming to wash your cars and for your donations!! God Bless you all ! Have a great weekend!!! ;)



Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Never ending week!!

Can anyboday say breakdown??

So sick of studying, I came to update my blog! Great weekend! hehe I must say i really enjoyed it thanks everyone! Sat went out after youth mass then sunday hehe a nice evening in sliema! Somma my week differs! We started half days this means that i finish school at 12pm ... they seem longer somehow... lately really down trying to cope with everything! Gah! Im sure I aint the only ... need summer so bad!!! Start next monday with SOK!!! SOK!!!!????!!! Yelp!!Need the 17th to come and QUICK!!!

Gah!! Ive been reading the same paragraph 5 times already ... always getting distracted! Hehe

NEED TO FOCUS!!! *shakes the hand to take the mosquito off if my face*

Thursday our last day of lectures :'( sob really gna miss you guys! What a year its been Goerges Funny cravings... peters hilarious comments lessons with brooks *cough*pain inthe ass*cough* and micky in systems !!! Sarah and Sarah loool ;P Luke and his funny moods hehe! Kwissy hehe and becky loool!! Love ya guys and Cor lool cors funny .... the daredevil haha!!

Somma im off to work abit!


lol so random!

yeah.... right...

Micky and Joni



George and me ... acting the fool lool usual

Me and Micky x x x

Few of Us!


Micky and Luke

Peters Pan!

Goerge looking pensive haha

Ian sarah and Goerge with the chip ... told u he had funny cravings!

part of the group