Thursday, January 31, 2008

If I just Breathe

Hey! Guys How u all didnt miss me :P! Sorry havent been bloggin much .. school u knw! Well since everyone has published it .. i might as well say it

Yeah Baby .. a big big big big oh BIG thank you to all the web team for there great work .. all the hours they spent bringing it to perfection! Vera Prosit guys! Well i've been pretty usy lately school work and all .. now i have my project and im gna start it tommorrow YEHA!! WEEEKEND! So all's been really hectic lately .. but its been a fun week im feeling really hyper! Ok sarah calm down breathe *inhales,exhales* Anywho Im off leaving u with an amazing song by Michelle Branch ;) CYA guys 2moro *hums .....*

Gbu all Take care!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Meet the spartans

Lool this is so hilarious! this is foir you mike ! loool! enjoy!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

10 years later!

Hey guys!

Long time no blog i know I have been very busy!

Well my results came out I passed in eveything except for Maltese I really do not understand it though I do well in all of my a's and int and not in the Olevel! Im giving up! What wrong with me ?? Im defective! LOL

This week wnet quite fast busy wekk must say! Door-to-door was amazing i ended up as the only youth on monday hehe perfectly understandable though! It was a real eye opener when I had gone I had realised how lucky I was .. i saw people suffering .. ok were in Malta you dont really see it but when people open up to you about how there life is and what problems they have to people they have never my it was quite touching! This is what keeps me going to evangelisation although you dont talk much (well i know i dont ... to shy hehe !) just to be there and smile and u know give them hope you cant help but smile ... i aint sayin my life is all easy sailing but just knowing that theres someone there holding your hand to know that you're not alone (lol sounds like those scary movies ... *whispers* youre not alone-*coughs*- sorry about that ... as I was saying) through the good and bad times thats all i need!

This morning woke up with a headache now im trying just to stay awake feeling quite sick have my sis and my mum to thank for that lol .. should have seen it coming though! Gastric flu weeeehhhheeeeyyy!!! LOL! anyways have alot of assignments and starting my SOK project on commuinity!!! im so happy so guys if you see me with a camera smile nod and wave! Hehe! Last night went to la sallian night twas verry good well done Charlene for the amazing skit! was gonna cry hehe!

Anyways I hope youall enjoy your week full of studying and assginments ! I know i will! A week I do hope I will forget!

Blessing to you all my bros and sis's Love ya all!!

Peace Out!

Sarah G!!!!


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mdina 2003

Mdina 2003 Mime from mnr on Vimeo.

In the 2003 .. look what i came upon .. the dance of the guys ... which includes Robert, Chris, Jonnie, Znah , Maggi, Joe galea, Steve, Brian....... My goodness how times have changed .. i rmeber that healing service ... i think they had done it as well at safi! Speaking of healing services Next friday healing service at St.Venera Parish church at 7.30 lets keep it in our prayers!

Anyways after a hilrious night of pictionary its back to work work work! thanks lara for a cool night for more info of that night go onto!

Gbu all x x x


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Everything I am I give to you

Amazing Song !

Gbu all & Take care x x x

Peace out


Ps: I added Claire new blog address!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The past does not equal the future.

In sociology we learn that people in the times before had linked their present life to that of the past-but it is very obvious that nowadays we link our present to out future.. just click that small red button on that black box at home ... the advertisments are full of them -car insurance-health insurance-pet insurance-holiday insurance-home insurance- tomuchinsurance I've been a little distant lately -thinking of how my life has changed this past year the good times and the bad times have taught me well things I should arrange in myself. Thinking of my future and my relationship not only with the people around me but with God ... I really do not know what has come over me ... its like someone has druged me .. im not really myself! Important decisions come to mind things that confuse me so so much! Im sorry if you see me sad its just ive been really tired exhausted and confused...

I would like to thank you all for these past weeks .. they have been amazing .. and if it were not for you guys i d go insane! It was an honour to spend such an amzing celebration with such fantastic people such as you guys! May God Bless You All!

Take Care,

Loads of Love,