Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Plague!

"ugh my head ...
oh my stomach!!!!
Need panets .. must have panets!!!
Ma where are they???"
"I think we're out!"
"OUT??? OUT????Why are things not there when we need them the most ...!!!"
"Why don't you walk to the pharmacy and buy some ??"
"Do i look like i have the energy 2 even walk 2 my room???"

Hey there! well as u've guessed its not the brightest of days ... went to school after a few hours .. felt so faint and sick cud barley walk 2 the bus stop... managed to get home without feeling sick my poor bro helped me out wid d medicine brought me some water .. he was so swt... an angel thanks Mark ;) insomma after a few hours of sleep managed to regain my strength ended up gng to worship team .. still abit woozy! im sure ill be better by 2moro!!! Gbu all ... wish u all a gd week! see u friday ;)

Gbu all tc x x x



Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy bday Bella!! x x x

"Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Annabelle,
Happy birthday to you!"

"May God bless you,
May God bless you,
May God bless Annabelle,
May God bless you!"


Sry took me long to write this post .. many things had to do ...! hope ur all doing well! Anyways dis weekend was Annabelles' bday (so u realised !) happy bday duda after youth mass went 2 paparazzi to celebrate it .. twas nice! Once again I apologize for the photos io only had enough battery for just a few ... promise u i will add more once lara sends me more !! SCOUTS HONOUR!!! Hehe anyways cnt take to long g2g do some work cos im naqa bk! AWAY!!! cu gbu all have a gd week! x x x x x x

Tra la la la la .....

The girliesx x x

Aha ... *cough poser*

Aw... how cute!


Friday, October 26, 2007


Friday ppl!!! How you all doing? sry i havent been bloggin much but im sure dat not everyone has even the time to go on the internet.. i know i didnt. . . gd news all that studyin was worth it !! my first test of this scholastic yr!!! a gr8 mark :) Yey ... !!! Happy ! well today i had a day out!! dats something .. cos right now i have no life .. and for me dats a big thing! Insomma me and Angie went to Sliema for a walk .. man d weather was freaky .. for those of u who didnt peak outside d window abit .. d fog .. was so thick u cudnt even see Valletta .. on the other side .. it was so bad ... ppl driving wid der brights ! Crazy man ! Insomma x'taghmel .. then vanny came and den mike mig and lara joined us for a nice thick chocolate at the magic kiosk! MMMMM... hehe anyways 2moro not much 2 do .. probably out i guess .. Hope to see you all tomorrow! :)

Luv ya all x x x x

Gbu tc



Monday, October 22, 2007

"Right Ear Blue!"

Hey guys!

Sry 4 blogin a bit late but ive been really busy lately and all i can think abt is school! Anyways dis weekend was quite fun a very big thanks 2 Dezzy 4 inviting us to her house twice in a row had a gr8 time playing twister!! hehe oh d laughs! d battle of d soon 2 be md 's gd game ;)! Check out the photos ive posted .. HILARIOUS!!! anyways had a stressful day at school came home wid temperature ... so a bit sick & exhausted and tired need sleep!! but first got to get bk to my philosophy and systems hw!! Plus i have a bio test 2 study 4 .. yey .. !! Insomma have a nice day!!

God Bless Ya!!

x x x



Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ugh....confused, sick and tired!!?!!?

I hate adolescence!!! i hate hormones i hate everything!!! I was in such a gd mood till now!! i hate these mood swings.. sometimes ur just sick of living its one of those days!!! Im so angry and i dnt knw why i dnt knw wat to do with myself (life in general).. sry for not being and inspiration2 all of u who are reading this.. i dnt feel like talking! UGH!!!!! leaving now .. g2g take out my anger on something.. music should help! pls pray 4 me !! Hope ur having a better time den i am!! hopefully 2moro ill be better! Gbu all tc!!