Friday, August 31, 2007

"Oh Mc Donald had a farm i-a-i-a-o!"


How u all doin ? Im so exhausted after a whole day of working! Well ive got some gd news 1 its weekend and although i have work 2moro we get 2 go out!!! yey nd second my dads out of hospital id like 2 thank u all 4 ur prayers Luv ya all x x x Oh yeah nd 3rd .. apparently quite alot of ppl visit dis blog :) ill do my best 2 keep it updated! ;)

anyhu 2day we went 2 d funny farm fundraising was a blast thank u pedro! cnt wait 2 go horse riding i love horsies! hihi balla photos .. ma sry but right now im so sleepy im drooling on keyboard i need my sleep all i had wer 3 hrs of rest *yawn* imma insomma im off sry so blunt need beauty sleep! im off gbu all x x x

PS .. WELCOME BK Kristie we missed u loads x x x

Bernice nd me x x x

Ok... sombody's been fooling around wid my
camera....MIKE!!! lol

LOOOOL ... ders no words 2 explain dis!! wat
a couple .. looool look @ van lool!!! im sry *sniff*

Mark, Drew & Char

Karl & Mark

Vannie & bernie x x x

Annalise, van, mike y so happy ??!?!

Daisy & Annie x x x

Look at him concentrate on d art of posing .. :P

Bernie! x x x

Me & daisy x x x

Me & Char x x x

Mark .. min jaf x'inhu jigri ... lol

"mommy wen i grow up i wanna be a unicorn!"

Annie & Alan

Vannie & me x x x



Thursday, August 30, 2007


Hey there all just came bk form community amazing .. sry i didnt post anything yesterday but my dad ended up bk in hospital .. hes not doin 2 bad ... he should come out soon .. anyhu .. bk 2 community dey had showed a dvd of d renewal wer it all began .. pity it was in ITALIAN .. lol did quite understand everything .. den we wer called 2 sing on d mics me nd kai .. and every time she picked up d mic she got a shock lol u it-tajba hi li she kept on touching me ..loool imma insomma den we went 2 micky d's as usual! dey didnt let Emily, Louis, Valerie nd co .. in ... but once Karl showed dem .. (more like threatened dem ..) they let them in .. u go jones!! insomma im off 2 bed hv work all day 2 moro nd maybe ill go 2 d bbq of pedro or ill go 2 camp .. depends on how i am by d end of d day!

Gbu all & tc


Group photo

Everybody must carry there cross!!!

Paula & me x x x


Drew& Char how adorable (my godparents u knw :) )

Paula nd Karla x x x Dey make a gd mc Donald's
Advert lol!

Me & steven

POSER lol luv ya van x x x

Well fine pxt lol !

Daisy, me & lulu

Say Mc cheese everybody!!

Erm... not gna bother explaining lol

Crazy People

Happy bday olive!

hey guys cnt take so long basically its 1.34am .. and ive got work 2moro..well technically 2day nd i need 2 sleep .. so basically we went 2 olives bday party @ amazonia .. n2b of a party saw alot of ppl i havent seen in ages .. neways im off so dat i can write 2days post hehe ...!!!

Gbu tc x x x

X'ksuhat mike:P

Simon trying 2 prove a point lol

Lala nd char (not wid her eyes open yey !)


Nikki & Annie

Lou & Matt... awww


Like father-like son i guess...

Lulu & Annie x x x

D Girlies x x x

Karl & lala

Lala char & me

Sim,Johnny & Sawah!!!

The Group

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday nite 28-08-07


How u all doin? Quiet a nice day ... woke up @ 12 as usual :S den ate did my quite time .. went 2 massden at 8 went 2 buggiba 4 a walk nd talk wid van nd char had so much fun and laughs thnks girlies luv u both so much .... ! Uff soon lara goes abroad gna miss ya hun! Cnt wait 4 tomorrow gna have a blast @ Matthews bday .. Dancing drinking having a blast!

Insomma to all u single ppl out there after recent advice nd prayers from certain ppl .. ive come to realise dat dey r right .. We need God nd not a partner... as in its nice to have someone dat cared 4 u nd all but .. ive come 2 realise dat God does come first in my life.. so im happy :) hehe im saying dis 2 myself ta hehe .. my time will come as u all said .. ;) im so glad i have friends like u guys luv ya all x x x

GBu tc


Vanny discussing...

Charlene discussing ..

Me listening on ...

Char nd Van x x x x

Take 1 ....

Take 2 ....

Take 3....
One of the most talented guys i've ever seen

Howdy little lady .....

Wave 2 the queen...