Sunday, September 30, 2007


Hello there boys and girls?

How u all doin ? im ok .. abit bored lol .. ive got another week till i start skul B-O-R-E! Imma insomma 2day went 2 alive on sunday den wen 2 watch d guys play football in the evening .. funny how the eldest ones manged 2 win 1st place .. cmon .. men ur supposed 2 be d bundle of energy- while at der age d der doctors wud be subscribing vitamins-i mean d whole reason of evolution is to become better species den d previous generation .. but i guess something wen horribly wrong lol jk :P! u all did very well!! Esp the older ones uve got gr8 skills keep it up ;) u all came out swimming in ur own sweat .. but dw.. im sure d girls love ya sweat and all! it was hilarious wen angelique was cheering 4 joe .. wer like "dats her boy .. he saved d ball .. dats my boy!! " or wen someone fell wer like "Uuuuhhh" now 2moro ur all gna end up wid aches and pains! after d games we tried out our hand in football just d girls .. well like-6 of us ... den we left and walked it to up 2 d swings .. just saying some jokes here and there.. it was a nice relaxing day ...!!! please excuse d lack of photos .. but i didnt have d time 2 buy d batteries since i woke up late dis morning HEY.. i wasnt d only one .. me and annabelle wer half asleep at the mass hehe...

imma insomma im off 2 bed .. hope u all have a nice day at skul ... i knw i wnt !!! :@

GBU tc x x x


Saturday, September 29, 2007

"You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake."

To Lara....

Muddy waters, sunny days
Countless smiles, endless ways
Shared our secrets and our fears
Shared our joys and many tears
Times we thought our life would end
It meant so much to have you, friend
Never judging, always knowing
How I felt as we were growing
Many years have come and past
Friends like us were made to last
Between us may lie many miles
But they can’t take away our smiles
So sing a song and cut the cake
Here’s my cyber hug to take
Although I am not there it’s true
My heart has traveled there to you
I send to you this birthday cheer
To celebrate another year
May all that’s good come your way
Enjoy your very special day

Happy Bday swt x x x x

Luv ya 4eva nd eva!!!

Love Sarah & Ang !

x x x

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bye bye summer!

Hello there my friends!

How are u all doin? Well its started 2 rain .. its getting cold time to change the season... soon Christmas.. but rgearding summer its been d best ever .. with outreaches, Healing services paintballin,Drama team meetings, swimming , bbqs, parties, sleepovers, pool parties :) AMAZING! thanks all of u ..with organistions.. its been quite a busy one ;) Insomma soon skul tmoro im off 2 register 4 my course ;) cnt wait 2 start .. most prob ill dread wen i start but .. right now ... i need skul .. never thought id say dat .. but ye .. i need it 2 start hehe !! insomma .. 2day had worship team .. stayed intersecsing 4 d healing service :) GNA BE A GR8 ONE ........ (in a deep voice) "28th SEPTEMBER ... .... KALKARA...... HEALIN SERVICE .... ... BE THERE ....!!!! LOL anyways im off hope 2 cu all at the annoiting 2moro..!!

Signing out wid a whole lot of memories :) ...


Cnt wait 4 next summer ;)