Friday, May 29, 2009

There's too much blood in my caffeine system.

Ever had that certain craving like pregnant women usually get? No don't worry im not pregnant lately I've been dying for that certain cup of coffee... weird considering its like 31 degrees, that and a certain can of tuna ... ah the wonders of such a fish hah! Well, had rather an eventful morning helped Louisa sort out Angeliques closet at her new lovely home ... was rather funny ... lets just say that she can never complain that she's running out of clothes hehe =D but was fun ...
This morning we happened to see the most hilarious thing ever, a huge guy on a small bike trying to balance himself while driving with a small fanny pack at the back ... lou attempted to take a photo but alas ... to late!!!! Good times good times!!!

While unpacking stuff we got to talking about the good old days ... ah what fun, the time we all dared to watch the "Amtyville Horror", we were so scared we all slept at 3.15 on the dot, all eyes shut haha! *Smiles contently* Anyways it back to my cup of hot steaming coffee and tuna sandwich hehe!!! Hope to see you guys at community ... Please excuse the short blogs... theres only so much I can really blog about heh!

God bless


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Ever After ..... helllo summer!!!!!

Hey Guys!

My first blog in ages!! Well before I get along on to the actual blog I would like to congratulate the newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maggi "live long and prosper" couldn't help myself I'm dying to go watch Star trek the whole of it in good quality (Don't ask!) . A really big "Hey" to Dezzy and Krissy who soon return back to our home land! =D

Summer is quite boring on the whole I mean from what I've had anyways. To be honest my summer doesnt start until you guys finish you're exams! I didn't get the chance to give a warm welcome to Michael (Lanfy) and Laura (loz) and their blogs looking forward to hearing more of your experiences and antics! As you might have noticed I'm very bored and I have got absolutely nothing better do then blog heh! Ah well peraps might hit the beach or something.... all alone ... Hurry up guys and finish!!! PLEEEEAAASSSEEE!!!

Above all, the most important thing I want to accomplish is to get closer to God. During the exams i hasseled myself into worrying leaving no time for God, though with so much time and air the Lord had blessed me with I should really take the time to enjoy it :) I encourage you all who are doing exams at this moment in time to truly look up to God take those 15 mins and be with him! =D It's all worth it! Any whose im off, gonna stop ranting!

God bless you all Good luck!