Saturday, July 26, 2008

Outreach 2008 Assisi

Hey all!!!

AAAHHH what a fabtastic week that was! God is so great! The things we've all witnessed and the people we met! All you guys wer great! It was such a blast being with you guys for a whole week i really enjoyed it! I really miss it! Ah here are some photos of the past week .. im expecting to put them on facebook so .. mike that means u cant see dem :P jk jk

Anyways tonight i hope to be going out so yey!!! naraw x'inhu gej hehe! sorry could not take long typing! Anywhose! Im off!!! tata God bless ya all!!! x x x x x x x

over and out!

G!!!! (thats me!!!) :)

P.S. i want comments ah nies! hehe XD