Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Katch'em ...

Hey guys how r u ?

Well tuesday evening we went to louisa's .... and from here i thank her loads for the gr8 fun we had! Thanks 2 mike we ended up watching The Amityville Horror which scared the hell out of me.."Katch'em, Kill'em" der was a thing in the film wer something always starts 2 happen @ 3:15am so we all went 2 sleep @ 3 .. we wer so scared so a big hand 4 mike ....!! Den we watched Wild Hogs hehe a gd film .. anyhu .. its Thursday.. and 2nite we have community yesterday Worship team was amazing .. thank u joe for ur amazing talks ... dey really help us out!! lol i have 2 blog dis photo joe caught in action ... give me a sec lemme upload it hehe ... And YES that is the real Maggi!!

Any ways cnt wait 4 d weekend .. dezzy's bday on sunday .. gng out 2 fuego on sat YEY its gna be so much fun!!! :D Happy Bday dezzy x x x ! Just came bk from Valletta .. met vanessa and angy went 2 eat abit den went round the shops .. 15 mins at dis chapel hehe.. at one point in time wen we wer alone we began 2 sing ... den dis guy came in .. so we had 2 stop hehe imma insomma en we went all around the pharmacies to find some specific strips 4 my lip .. ugh .. its like im growing a second lip ..... i want it off NOW !!! neways im off ill cu all in like 2 hrs time hehe!

Gbu & tc x x x x

Sar ;)

Simon and ang.. wat a cute pic...

Mikey nd Vanny

Angy ...poser :P

Angy nd simon.... awww


Louisa hihi


Lousia nd steve

Mike ... again

Kristie nd me x xx

Me nd dezzy half asleep

Vanny, mike, dezzy, lou nd sim

Group 1

Yeah im talking to you!

Mike nd vanny

Louisa's sleepy face

My sleepy-ignore-d-camera face!


Morning after! DEAD.

Tatty Teddy


Anonymous said...

How sweeeet hihi thankyuuu! =) yeah...i happen 2b turnin 19 dis happy wit 18 didnt ask to add a 9 to it imma insomma...wont grumble...;)
I tink ur more excited 4my bday den i im not lookin 4ward 2gettin egged on monday as i was already threatened by my Mcast fans! ;) hehe

...Sar i tink u 4got 2 post d pic of lou's ass...i got it in my cam if u want ill send it..hehe louisa will be very happy 2c her rear end live on d internet! hehehe luv u lu!;)

luv u lowdz Sar
xxx Dezz xxx =)

Anonymous said...

I luv u 2 dezzy ... and 2 show u how much i do .. im not tellin u a single word ...MWA xxx Cnt wait 4 sat! its gna be fun .. tell ur mcast friends 2 add in d flour :P just kiddin .."Stand bk everybody wlaking cake comin through!?!!!" hehe luv ya 4eva & eva x x x