Monday, December 3, 2007

Study, study, sudy... work, work ,work!!

Hey there boys and girls!

Pls excuse me for not writing this past week , oh ok these weeks! But i have been so so busy! work going in and out of my head! I have around 8 tests due in these coming weeks and im going crazy! Essays and assginments everywhere.. well u get the point im sure im not alone! Well these past few weeks have been amazing! two weeks ago me and some school friends of mine went to dar tal-providenza a very gratifying experience! Then the hilarious fire drill "we're gonna have chicken tonight!!! " or "burn baby burn !!" sry abt that!
And finally this amazing week.. when evangelising to the people of Senglea we witnessed a healing! I mean WOW! anyways sorry for not talking much... !! im off to study Gbu tc!

x x x

Tata my children (as dezzy wud say !)


Dezz said...

hehehe! i dnt say "tata" i say "gud bye my children" lol
u make me sound 50 yrs older!lool

toodles! =)(ah u see..or "toodles" i say! :P hehe)

dezz said...

One more thing to add...
am sendin out my greatest thanks to you great bunch of friends who helped me last Saturday wen my car created that whole chaos!and to those angel strangers who stopped to help me!...Thanks to all of u for putting 2geder ur brains and balls lol ....twas a funny episode i must say...(I STILL DONT HAVE A BUMPER now ppl dont only look at my car cos of its (amazing ;)) flowers, but also cos of its LARGE AMPUTATION!hehehe)

God bless u ...(i posted dis on matt's too ;))
x x x