Saturday, January 5, 2008

The past does not equal the future.

In sociology we learn that people in the times before had linked their present life to that of the past-but it is very obvious that nowadays we link our present to out future.. just click that small red button on that black box at home ... the advertisments are full of them -car insurance-health insurance-pet insurance-holiday insurance-home insurance- tomuchinsurance I've been a little distant lately -thinking of how my life has changed this past year the good times and the bad times have taught me well things I should arrange in myself. Thinking of my future and my relationship not only with the people around me but with God ... I really do not know what has come over me ... its like someone has druged me .. im not really myself! Important decisions come to mind things that confuse me so so much! Im sorry if you see me sad its just ive been really tired exhausted and confused...

I would like to thank you all for these past weeks .. they have been amazing .. and if it were not for you guys i d go insane! It was an honour to spend such an amzing celebration with such fantastic people such as you guys! May God Bless You All!

Take Care,

Loads of Love,



Simon said...

:) buck up my dear....
with Him on our side, our future can only be a glorious one

Dez said...

aww sar hw swt!! its a pleasure pupa enjoyed every minute...especially d chatting till 3am in front of d fireplace!
ThankyU 4everytin.

im just a msg away...

Charlene said...

Things will clear out sar don't worry! Just trust in Him and pray that He will guide you and show you His path. It's going to be ok =)

Love you
Thanks for everything
God Bless you

Charo said...

Interesting to know.