Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Single Awareness Day

Hey there boys and girls....

Well its that of year again were red is in! VALENTINES DAY! Flowers, hearts, chocolates- the

works ... Anyhow .. and like that time of - Im alone. Yeah well, so what else is new hehe ... im

sure there will be that guy somewhere... yeah ... *cough* *choke* if not .. there is always the

convent teehee... insomma! I wonder how you'll all be celebrating it... hehe BEHAVE AH???

And to my fellow singletons .... HAPPY SINGLE AWARENESS DAY! hehe its 12:01 loool

How depressing hehe ... Anywho ... But its true it shouldnt be about just your boyfriend or

girlfriend its about the ones you love.. family freinds.....

And to add to all of that ... Ive got a presentation and a test too ... man tomorrow's gna suck bad!

Stupid diet and digestition ..

"You see this red nice valetines day cake .. all with icing- there you go DIGEST THAT!!!"

Lol sorry about that can someone suggest a phyc? "paging doctor phil hehe "

Im off to sleep ....

YEAH a big happy birthday to PAULA MINTOFF AKA PAWS

Gbu all x x x

Once again Happy Valentines Day or Single Awareness Day !

Yeah what he said :-

ouch ...

Love ya ...G!!!


Simon said...

yeah...happy single awarness day...
loved the cartoon :)
and the card...
and yeah i know the right guy is out der for u..keep that smile going

Anonymous said...

thank You Sarah xxxxx hehe happy Valentines tooo allll ...luv ya :)


Matt said...

happy SAD happy SAD happy SAD
happy SAD happy SAD happy SAAAAAAAD

everyone, together now!