Sunday, June 8, 2008

"Working at the car wash!!!!"

Hey guys!

Ouch im so burnt to a crisp .. lool red everywhere .. lol and i cant move my back hehe so stiff!! lool anywho it was a great day we managed to raise money hehe thanks to Charlene and Rachel for organising it! And for all the team hehe Mike,Matt, Van, Doug, Mig, Ian , Karla, Joe and Veronica and Nikki! Was great fun! Got soaked thanks to Ian diacono and steve lol for pourinf that bucket over my dads van on me and vanny lloool hilarious the small water fight we had hehe amazing day! From 9-7 yeah baby whose the best car washing service ..Marantha !!! hehe yeah well done you guys! Thank you all for coming to wash your cars and for your donations!! God Bless you all ! Have a great weekend!!! ;)




Lara said...

well done guys, gr8 work. looks like u rly enjoyed it :) wish i was there imma nsomma
keep blogging sar
love ya xxx

Anonymous said...

ola amigos!!!

well done guys 4d car wash! wud hav luvd 2b der wit ya all..keep it up! :D

xxxx id hav definitly joined in in soakin ya sar..dats fo sho! :P xxxx

Dez ;)