Thursday, August 30, 2007


Hey there all just came bk form community amazing .. sry i didnt post anything yesterday but my dad ended up bk in hospital .. hes not doin 2 bad ... he should come out soon .. anyhu .. bk 2 community dey had showed a dvd of d renewal wer it all began .. pity it was in ITALIAN .. lol did quite understand everything .. den we wer called 2 sing on d mics me nd kai .. and every time she picked up d mic she got a shock lol u it-tajba hi li she kept on touching me ..loool imma insomma den we went 2 micky d's as usual! dey didnt let Emily, Louis, Valerie nd co .. in ... but once Karl showed dem .. (more like threatened dem ..) they let them in .. u go jones!! insomma im off 2 bed hv work all day 2 moro nd maybe ill go 2 d bbq of pedro or ill go 2 camp .. depends on how i am by d end of d day!

Gbu all & tc


Group photo

Everybody must carry there cross!!!

Paula & me x x x


Drew& Char how adorable (my godparents u knw :) )

Paula nd Karla x x x Dey make a gd mc Donald's
Advert lol!

Me & steven

POSER lol luv ya van x x x

Well fine pxt lol !

Daisy, me & lulu

Say Mc cheese everybody!!

Erm... not gna bother explaining lol

Crazy People


Simon said...

yeah, we're wierd :)

^KaI^ said...

i love that video xD and my chip came in it cos im special (A) hehe anyhu..praying for ur dad sarah :) hope he gws off keep up d gud work
mwa xxx

Anonymous said...

lool gud 1 sar!! ;)
Dezz =)
(dnt wry hes in r prayers)

Paws (Paula) said...

Hey sar..
gd job on the pics and videos :)....... luv your blog xxx. Btw you're dad is in my prayers tc luv ya xxxxxxxx