Friday, August 31, 2007

"Oh Mc Donald had a farm i-a-i-a-o!"


How u all doin ? Im so exhausted after a whole day of working! Well ive got some gd news 1 its weekend and although i have work 2moro we get 2 go out!!! yey nd second my dads out of hospital id like 2 thank u all 4 ur prayers Luv ya all x x x Oh yeah nd 3rd .. apparently quite alot of ppl visit dis blog :) ill do my best 2 keep it updated! ;)

anyhu 2day we went 2 d funny farm fundraising was a blast thank u pedro! cnt wait 2 go horse riding i love horsies! hihi balla photos .. ma sry but right now im so sleepy im drooling on keyboard i need my sleep all i had wer 3 hrs of rest *yawn* imma insomma im off sry so blunt need beauty sleep! im off gbu all x x x

PS .. WELCOME BK Kristie we missed u loads x x x

Bernice nd me x x x

Ok... sombody's been fooling around wid my
camera....MIKE!!! lol

LOOOOL ... ders no words 2 explain dis!! wat
a couple .. looool look @ van lool!!! im sry *sniff*

Mark, Drew & Char

Karl & Mark

Vannie & bernie x x x

Annalise, van, mike y so happy ??!?!

Daisy & Annie x x x

Look at him concentrate on d art of posing .. :P

Bernie! x x x

Me & daisy x x x

Me & Char x x x

Mark .. min jaf x'inhu jigri ... lol

"mommy wen i grow up i wanna be a unicorn!"

Annie & Alan

Vannie & me x x x




lessismore said...

If it wasnt for u we wudnt have any fotos. Thanks...u shud be the group photographer :D

^KaI^ said...

hey sar...ah i didnt come yest. :( decided to go somewere else..
hope u still had fun without me :P
luv ye
mwa gbu

Bernie said... in the photos!!! I had a free evening...for a change was fun:):):)