Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hey people!!

How u all doin ?! well 2day was quite funny went to drama team fantastic time quite funny actually d mirror, pyramid, 1234 exercises very funny .. and d most famous- "thank
God he wasnt playing a the piano!"- play hehe with all types we could think of... Dramatic-laughter-medival-Queens English-Gospel . . . . "AMEN" ... Sry cudnt control myself . . *coughs* Id like to thank Paul & Denise for there patience gr8 leaders ;)

Neways i wish i had my cam but my bateries finished uffa very annoying!! neways 2moro gng nothing much i have band practice .. really dnt feel like but i havent been gng dis summer so i dnt blame them if they r kinda pissed off!!! yey next Friday paint balling cnt wait!!! :) neways im off! cu all gbu tc x x x


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