Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Hey guys how u all doin??

Well its a nice scortching hot day outside!
Had an amazing day yesterday @ Dezz's house.. nd from here id like 2 thank her for d amazing nite we had love u loads Daisy x x x ! A whole day of swimming... drying up ....chattin .. swimming .. drowning (thanks 2 someone 4 teaching me how 2 lol!) .. drying up .. swimming again .. it was fun!!! We ended up me nd Simon swimming .. him hiding under d water and ducking me every now nd then... ill soon post photos of d nite .. courtesy of des .. cos lately i forgot 2 change d batteries hehe real cool ones of sim and mat jumping like peguins ...Hilarious!

Anyways 2nite its off 2 buggiba hopefully .. still abit sick! Cnt wait Paintballin :) oh wer gna have such a blast !!!!

Neways ill soon post some photos dw!!!

Cu tc gbu
x x x


Anonymous said...

hey pupa!!
how swt u r!! lol it was a real pleasure havin u all home, as i sed on sim's blog...u guys make me soo happy!
love u loads & loads! =)
i njoyed bein photographer 4d day hehe...and all d mid-air snapshots i got...rly proud of dem!

Simon said...

woots....yeah was great...cnt wait to have the photos

Charlene said...

waiting for the photos till midnight was worth it after all sarah!! hehe love them!! keep them coming ;)

Anonymous said...

hey Sar!! loving d blog :D just brilliant!!! keep up d gud work and d amazing pics! mwa luv ye nd gbu! tc xxx...^KaI^

Simon said...

pls note, me and matt where not having anal sex in the air, and yes we were jumping like penguins, and YES that is the jump i had injured myself doing....also pls note how f*ck*n hot i look in the group photo lol :P joking...ish great photos sar