Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday and im sick!

Hey there guys!

Hope ur all doin good! Well i cnt really say dat i am woke up dis morning wid a huge chest pain .. and could not speak .. stayed home watchin tv den went off 2 drama team .. it was gr8! Again i can never stop saying dis but i thank our amazing leaders, Paul & Denise for der patience and kindness " We love u we do !" hehe.. 2day we focused on projection nd breathing mostly ... ah wat a gr8 time 2 be sick :S On d whole not such a bad day.. hopefuly ill be healthier... Bdw id like 2 thank u all for ur nice comments ;) 2day ive got photos & videos in store 4 u hope u like em ;)

Gbu tc x x x


Simon practicing his breathing hehe!

Denise discussing projection and voice!

Charlene and Paula

The guys doin an excersise... distracting Ian ..

The same wid Andrew! LOL!

Il-prim ministru and his assitance lool

The "fat" model the designer & assistant


Simon said...

Funness....really great acting session,
i'm missing my camera.

Anonymous said...

didnt knw u wer sick pupa! hope ur better by now!
Dezz ...=)

sgiusti said...

thanks dez .. im still sick .. hope i dnt have 2 wait 4 d healing service 2 get healed ..:S nd dw sim .. we can always buy u one 4 ur bday :P again ...

x x x

Anonymous said...

hey sar...
didnt quite get d video :S
but otherwise fun blog :D..loving d pics
hope u get better :)
c u tonite xxx