Sunday, August 26, 2007

"I believe in dragons, fairies, good men and other mythical creatures!"


Its sunday just came from marks it was a blast thanks Mark ;)! Pity i came late cos someone had d bright idea of hiking it all around mellieha wid our instrument for a whole freaking hr den after dey decided lets go play for the Kazin (FOR JUST 4 MINUTES!!!?!?!) i mean come on ... y keep us there playing like idiots in d middle of a deserted village den finally wen d time comes we go play for the people who asked us 2 play for them in d 1st place all drenching in sweat?!?! Not only dat but wen we arrived 2 Hq .. my brother left his insulin .. IN D FREAKIN COACH!!! and the funny thing is dat only after ten minutes after leaving the coach (giving the driver the time for him 2 end up in luqa!) AND as soon as we got in the car 2 leave he realised .. man ix-xitan m'ghandux halib !! Thank God i managed 2 come ... it was so much fun .. the jokes the music the dancing wat a gr8 way 2 end the weekend!

Anyways explanation of the title .... Im lonely .. *sniff* ive been thinking like dis all weekend??!? Im scared ill end up as a nun somewhere lol knowing me! Its funny .. u end up wid someone wen u least expect it! But its so hard to find a decent guy ?!?! i mean nobodys perfect (lool im nobody :P jk) no but aparti mic-cajt .. dey say dat der is abt 10 ppl 4 each person!

" You don't know a man till you've met her in court."

LOL! Imma insomma .. leave it be ... only time will tell..!!!

Signing out wid love to all of u !!

GBu all tc x x x


Sarah said...

Hey Sa! I am loving this blog... pictures really keep it alive!! Had a great time to yesterday... thanks to Mark! See you on Wednesday ok!

Drew said...

hey der nobody, modesta wkoll :P just wanted to tell you, know how you feel, been there done that got a tshirt. Just to give you perhaps another perspective to think about. Could it be God hasnt given you a guy cos u cant handle that kind of thing yet? Dont look at others look deep within yourself. Remember that God wont give you rope to hang yourself with, so perhaps all you need is some patience and openness to God to prepare you for THE GUY...insomma enuf words fidejk boss.

Anonymous said...

ah sarah!!! love d blog...mark's was amzing!! dont get urself down bout this guy thing ta babz cos like God already wrote ur whole love story...and u just have to be patient and be like sleeping beauty..and snow white...wait till ur prince comes for might be a week or maybe a yr..just hold on love :) mwa
gbu nd tc

Anonymous said...

Hey pupa!

ur blog is such fun!keep it up! =)

well...bout wot u i was flickin through d TV channels and it landed on CNN for a few secs...there was an advert goin on those few secs that i stayed on dat channel d words "PERFECT TIME" where written bang across d screen.

And thats wot i really believe... His perfect plan 4u will come true in His PERFECT TIME. So until den U, I, and evry1 else must just trust His plan and not get confused by all dat happens around u. A God of such great LOVE will never desert His kid.

God bless u pupa!
Ur an amzing true friend!
Thanks 4everything
Dezz =)
x x x

Simon said...

hey sarah,
im just gonna say
*big hug*
you're a sweet girl and when the right guy comes, he will be a very lucky boy.
don't get yourself down bout it.