Monday, August 13, 2007

My First Post !!!!

Hey guys!

Welcome to my world... the ups d downs .... the amazing times 2 down d down right screw ups hehe .... to tell u d truth dis isnt my first blog but i promised myself 2 keep dis one !!!! lol try 2 write and make it interesting .. hehe well its like 1.15 am right now cnt really sleep... went out 2 hanks 4 a surprise party 4 nikki HAppy B'day .... den went 2 fuegos had an amazing time have loads of photos 2 put on ... i must note dat some cnt really be explained ... (drank 2 much prob eh ???) cnt wait 4 another night like dis lol ... 2moro off 2 buggiba 2 meet charlene .. lol probably be dead tired .. as usual .. imma insomma hope 2 cu all soon luv ya loads!!!

gbu x x x


Charlene said...

Your first comment....

Hey Sarah!! lol
Love the blog...especially the photos ;) hehe keep it updated though!! cu soon pups ;)

sgiusti said...

u better like dem cos im gna put so much of u .. dnt kill me swt :P

Simon said...

yo sarah, nice blog, keep it up, keep posting photos, and i want them all on cd pls. :)

Anonymous said...

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