Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A day in bugiba!!!

Hey there ppl!

Man its hot ... especially wen ur walking in d scroching hot sun in d middle of bugiba.... lol im @ chars @ d moment shes busy taking photos of herself lol sry char .. hehe insomma it was fun needed 2 get out of d house!

Its 2.26pm right now ... lol we had a blast trying on stuff lol one photo came hilarious wid d tabella lol we stayed watching tv everybody loves raymond .. remember char ... " cos i said so !! " its hilarious shes speaking and swearing abt every single bad photo dat she takes .... hehe u c drew how vain ur gf is !!!!! :P mikina ajma char shes an amazing girl.. lol she has her quirky times ... but shes amazing ...

Imma insomma 2nite i have a surprise party of someone ... not gonna mention who ...!!!! too much parties man.. yey 2moro ang comes bk ... wer missin ya so much ang .. not d same without u x x x x

neways im off gbu tc x x x



Charlene said...

aaaa sarah!! lol
and the rest of the pics are??... hehe

Simon said...