Saturday, August 18, 2007


Hey guys!

Hope ur all doin fine! Finally WEEKEND!!! well yesterday enjoyed a whole day @ d beach den had a bbq it was such a fun nite .. not much 2 say i enjoyed everyones company .. hehe ... im quite sleepy considering its 3.16 am .. nd i cnt sleep .. ppl just left like an hr ago i ended up watching oceans 13 ( d last bit at least ) den decided 2 speak abit of d day ...

lol everyone came 2 my house we ordered, drank had a few laughs (taboo lol, i love dat game!!) spoke fun nite fun nite ... pls excuse d way im writing cos i really dnt know wat to say .. ur lost 4 words at dis time of morning nd i dnt really hv time to write in da morning so pls forgive me!!!

im so happy u like da blog .. hehe ill continue posting photos lol ... im sure ppl get bugged of me taking photos really sry :S neways im off 4 my beauty sleep got 2 wake up early 2 go 2 mass.. and maybe end up doin something in d evening! *yawn* gn!

Gbu all x x x



Charlene said...

nice pics sar lol

Simon said...

woots and funness