Thursday, August 16, 2007

A friend is someone who helps you up when you're down, and if they can't, they lay down beside you and listen.....

Todays Thursday quite an emotional day ...

Nothing much interesting during d day stayed home watched tv ... den went off 2 praise and worship @ 6 b4 commuinity lol well d turnup wasnt quite wat i expected but neways ... den we had an amazing session of praise just wat i needed .. and d talk was quite gd ... 4 those of u who werent der it was about fire .. d fire of the holy spirit ... !!

Man its amazing how God works .... its just wat d doctor ordered as they say hehe .. I thank u all for ur help ur kind and helpful words ur all amazing ppl u all mean so much 2 me im lost 4 words .. well ur all priceless... id never change u 4 d world x x x x luv u all!!

Somma as usual den we went 2 mc donalds .. lol photo shoot shih .. lol u all want dem .. so here dey r ..

Hope u like em ;)
x x x

hope u like dem x x x gb


Marquita said...

Mc Donald's will certainly never run out of business with you people. :) I challenge you to be a blessing to that place...belive me all the staff there (and at baystreet) KNOW about you and your weekly McDon rituals. (And they somehow figured out that you're a part of "some community"). Please be a light onto McDonald's...please. Thank you. :)

Paula said...

hey Sarah!!!! :P
nice blog, keep it up .Love you loadsssssss xxxx :) Gb

Anonymous said...

Hey sarah

prosit and prosit for the blog ... keep it up ta and u doing the right thing taking the camera wherever u go ;)
Love u loads and u are also a special friend to me ;)

Karl said...

FAIR PLAY ;) Nice hehe

Karl said...
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Sarah said...

Hey Sa... love the pictures!! hehe... looks like you had a good week!! Take care sweet xxx