Sunday, September 30, 2007


Hello there boys and girls?

How u all doin ? im ok .. abit bored lol .. ive got another week till i start skul B-O-R-E! Imma insomma 2day went 2 alive on sunday den wen 2 watch d guys play football in the evening .. funny how the eldest ones manged 2 win 1st place .. cmon .. men ur supposed 2 be d bundle of energy- while at der age d der doctors wud be subscribing vitamins-i mean d whole reason of evolution is to become better species den d previous generation .. but i guess something wen horribly wrong lol jk :P! u all did very well!! Esp the older ones uve got gr8 skills keep it up ;) u all came out swimming in ur own sweat .. but dw.. im sure d girls love ya sweat and all! it was hilarious wen angelique was cheering 4 joe .. wer like "dats her boy .. he saved d ball .. dats my boy!! " or wen someone fell wer like "Uuuuhhh" now 2moro ur all gna end up wid aches and pains! after d games we tried out our hand in football just d girls .. well like-6 of us ... den we left and walked it to up 2 d swings .. just saying some jokes here and there.. it was a nice relaxing day ...!!! please excuse d lack of photos .. but i didnt have d time 2 buy d batteries since i woke up late dis morning HEY.. i wasnt d only one .. me and annabelle wer half asleep at the mass hehe...

imma insomma im off 2 bed .. hope u all have a nice day at skul ... i knw i wnt !!! :@

GBU tc x x x



Charlene said...

u'll soon start school and wish u hadnt sar dnt wry!! hehe
Rly enjoyed watching football wit u yest and playing ;) hehe
Love u pupa

Anonymous said...

hey pupzz! hehe...ive been a month at skul so u can bloody well stop complainin sar! :P ur a free as a bird dude!;) :P ajma dezz! loll u kill me sar wit d tings u come up wit!
...and yeah i must say football was great yest! seein how each individual reacts wen hes faced wit a ball approachin him at top speed is hilarious! but u all did well guys!...especially Us at d end Sar! ;) hehe

God bless u pupa!
take care!
enjoy ur FREE week! ;)hehe
Dezz =)

Simon said...

started uni and not loving i wish i had that other week...and fyi i did not wake up in pain