Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bye bye summer!

Hello there my friends!

How are u all doin? Well its started 2 rain .. its getting cold time to change the season... soon Christmas.. but rgearding summer its been d best ever .. with outreaches, Healing services paintballin,Drama team meetings, swimming , bbqs, parties, sleepovers, pool parties :) AMAZING! thanks all of u ..with organistions.. its been quite a busy one ;) Insomma soon skul tmoro im off 2 register 4 my course ;) cnt wait 2 start .. most prob ill dread wen i start but .. right now ... i need skul .. never thought id say dat .. but ye .. i need it 2 start hehe !! insomma .. 2day had worship team .. stayed intersecsing 4 d healing service :) GNA BE A GR8 ONE ........ (in a deep voice) "28th SEPTEMBER ... .... KALKARA...... HEALIN SERVICE .... ... BE THERE ....!!!! LOL anyways im off hope 2 cu all at the annoiting 2moro..!!

Signing out wid a whole lot of memories :) ...


Cnt wait 4 next summer ;)


Anonymous said...

yeah...i pretty much agree...
nxt summer shud b good...

tc swt,
luv & prayers
Dezz x x x

ps:i like d butterfly at d beginnin ;)

Anonymous said...

yeah i have 2 agree, it was an amazing summer ... thanks everybody 4 making it so special ... and thanks sar 4 ur blog which reminds us of all that we've done
luv ya
lara xxx

Charlene said...

i agree too..this summer was amazing! I really enjoy your company guys!! thank you all for making me feel so welcome right from the start :)
thank you sarah and everyone else for your blogs...each of them r special wit different ways of explaining different events we will always cherish!!
Luv & kisses