Friday, September 7, 2007


Hey there!

How u all doin? well i've finally recovered sry i havent been posting in a while .. nothing much 2 talk abt .. neways 2day was a gr8 day hehe stayed how baking nd cooking ... dis amazing cake hehe den after me nd paula phone called each other for like 20 times ... we managed 2 find out wat we wer gna do .. hehe so me mig paula and steve met at spinola we walked it all d way 2 caras met mark des nd kristie .. den we went 2 fuego dancin 2 samba music .. had a blast hehe neways im off .. ive posted alot of photos hope u like em !! gbu tc x x x Off out wid my parents 2moro hehe !! family day :S

Gbu (again)

Sarah xoxox

the cake i baked already half gone! :)

Daisy nd Markus

Mig digging in 2 his disgusting tortillia

Me nd paws hehe

Me nd daisy x x x

POSER .. alba so u should knw .. der r more hehe

Iva mark.. relax naqa

Mark nd Krissy

Krissy, Daisy nd Mig

Me nd Kristie x x

Mig nd marky



Piggy back!

Aww aint dat cute


Step to the left

Mig nd I

Mark nd des

The group again hehe

The group

D Girlies x x x

Kristie nd Mark doin d samba

Des nd Mig hehe

Des nd kristie busting some moves hehe

Des Nd a guy hehe

Mig & Krisite

Kristie nd Mark

Des, Kristie nd Mig n d middle

ME & my zest


Anonymous said...

i luuuuvvv d blog babe!

loool wot a laugh man! its gr8 2b around u guys! im soo glad kristies bak man! =)=)=)

Sar i luv our nites out!
der always gr8 wit U...honestly!
mwaaa! God bless u pupa!
keep bloggin! =)
Dezz x x x

sgiusti said...

Same here dezzy ... so much fun...!! incredible XD luv ya x x x

Sarah ;)