Saturday, September 8, 2007



How u all doin? Saturday ... man time passes by so quickly .. well my since my best friends ditched me on dis isle .. u make 2 wats around hehe just kiddin .. missin ya both! mwa .. Neways 2day woke up @ 12 hehe :$ den van came 2 my house discussed some stuff ..... sang a bit ... bdw .. she has an amazing voice which i envy. Ppl in commuinity have an amazing ability of singing i mean ders dez kristie karla Louisa .. nd so many more ... ur all blessed wid amazing voices xD keep up d gd work! ;) insomma den after all those phone calls we decided 2 go 2 dis posh place wer Karl works :) hehe met drew nd char den .. bovo came .. den des .. den mig nd krissy ...! watched like 2 football matches nd d beginning of a rugby match .. it was a mans ultimate paradise d comfy sofas .. d food d booze ... oh nd who can 4 get d 3 flat screen tv's right infront of u! hehe! den me kristie and des .. went 2 dance while d boring ...YES B-O-R-I-N-G guys stayed up watchin d game .. met mark nikki christine nd kirsty on d way ... den stayed @ fuego for like half an hr .. which was sooo much fun .. hilarious .. neways .. gd night 2 u all x x x hope 2 be seein you 2moro ... :)

Gbu tc x x x x


lol me nd van ...

Drew nd Char aww aint dat cute...Drew feet
down!! :@

Me nd Char i love dis pic :)

Me nd d flower karl made hehe bravu jones!! ;)

Char, Me nd Daisy x x x

Des, Char, Drew & Mig!

I wanna C d Colgate smiles :D

Nicky da playa!!! lool

Me nd Daisy x x x

The girls x x x


Anonymous said...

u bet girl!!...we shook sum booty! ;) hehehe...ajma dezz! ;)

i luv nites out wit ya! dey rock!!! =)

luv u lowdzzzzz!
God bless yu!
Dezz x x x

Simon said...

hey people, happy to see you still managed to enjoy yourself in my absense. :P
see ya around

sgiusti said...