Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Love Weekends!!! :)

Hey guys ..

Weekend already over.. :( was a fun weekend friday Gozoz nd mmigs sat shpping and johns bday and den 2day went 2 angies 2 watch greys den went to melita 4 a drink .. lol tad 2 funny 4 me nd van ;) LOL nd mike gng "ru gna finish dat every second lool ..cnt stop laughing hehe .. insomma basically ive got a huge headache and feeling really dizzy .. i was still slurping my words wen i got home loool .. imma insomma twas funny .. somma im off cos i need my rest hopefully 2moro wnt wake up sick :S

Here are some pics of Johns bday! enjoy! HAppy Bday John .. :)

Gbu all

P.S. Pls excuse d spelling mistakes .. dnt feel like arraning feeling 2 dizzy ... :S

Ang posing

Me nd Ang

Lulu, An nd Andy

Lala nd Rache

Alexandra nd Clifton

Ang, Paula nd Kai

Christine nd Elaine

The 3 musketeers Mig Mike nd Matt

Me nd Van x x

Van nd mike

Mike, Pedro nd Karl

Kai nd Van

ber nd ian

Dan, Nikki, Vanny, Kai nd Paul

ALda nd Hiedi

One of many pics of drew nd char

Vanny nd Kai

Kai me nd van



LOL .. pls .. dnt ask .. i really dnt want to answer

Zoom in on the painting

Fooling Around

Fire escape

Bernice and her Dog .. IAN shes replacing u


Mig nd lala

An and Andy

IAn and d girls

Mig being his thinking self

Steve in his suit!


Anonymous said...

aw duda,
dropped by 2say hi! ;)
luv Dezz =)

Anonymous said...

Heeey xD
Now i know what yu mean by yu carry yur cam everywer haha :P
Anyways blogs & piks .. lol i just realised i need to be awake in 4hours so ahjar i go sleeep..
bye bye
x x x
tc, gbu mwaa