Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bored Bored Bored!!!

*tap* *tap* *tap*

hmmm... hey how r u all? me? my 7 yr old sis has a better life den i do!im bored lol! well d highlight of my night; watching a couple of cute ads .. otherswise zilg .. i got nothing .. im bored as hell ... someone SAVE ME!!! well at least earlier during d day van and lara came 2 my house 2 hv lunch we stayed doin stuff, jokin around ...insomma den sim and ang came later on in d evening .. at least... i swear someone needs 2 give me something 2 do .. ANYTHING lol .. ive never seemed so desperate in my life 2 do something..

Uwiijja maybe a little time off b4 skul is just wat i needed .. a week all alone .. lol .. just imagine outside ind cold .. raining .. there i am .. in d corner of an alley .. shivering ..... coughing ... - mhm sry bout dat got carried away lol dunno wats gotten over me! hehe Insomma at least 2moro i get 2 go 2 do some errands wid me mum den maybe go 2 d chapel .. depends lol - hey hey hey u stop snoring .. uc .. lol im even boring u..

Insomma hoped u liked d movies hv more but dey take aged 2 upload!

Lol me and van cudnt stop laughing wid d chicks and lara almost suffocating we wer laughing so much dis morning!

Tata x x x x

Gbu all



Anonymous said...

aw guza imnalla tkun int 2keep my research on the net a bit more exciting! looll luv d chick one loooll kills me!! hehe
hv a nice day!

Simon said...

if u want u can help me with my sure you'll do brilliantly better than me!