Friday, September 14, 2007

"A leader is a dealer in hope."Napoleon Bonaparte

Hey there guys!

How u all doin? thanks all for the comments.. for those of u who wer wondering why the picture... well dats my group @ a national camp 5 years ago so much has change since den! I've been in this group fot 10 yrs .. you've all probably heard so many stories of wat we used to do @ camp .. but hekk its different knw ... especially this summer .. im fading away from the group.. so many people have gone .. basically i've had a lot to think about .. whether to stay or to leave .. these people are like my second family so it was a tough choice wat to do! This summer was amazing with u all .. hekk .. we might have our small problems in community .. but we will alwyas get through it ... so i thought .. y cant i spread the happiness and friendship we have with the group ... so i sent an e-mail to my leader (VSL- Venture-Scout-Leader) apologizing about not coming to activities the whole summer.. being with work, outreach and all .. Anyway soon after she sent me an e-mail.. asking me if i wanted 2 start training as a leader.. i was so ecstatic now for those of u who dont knw .. its goes like this.. 6-10 Cubs, 11-15 Scouts, 16-18 Ventures, 18 -upwards Rover or Leader.. so 4 me .. its a big thing most people never make it to this stage .. i've passed through tough time with this group but it was all worth it :) pls pray 4 me .. i am dead scared.. you have loads of courses ..( incl. live saving nd all.. :S ..NO SIM .. u cannot do tricks wen im around :P) loads of tests and all .. and id love for this to happen :) and bdw.. i knw its mean .. but dey didnt ask my bro hehe insomma .. u cnt call him some what responsible .. but anyways .. im Happy XD!!! Sorry if i bored u wid that hehe !

Anyways .. 2day didnt do much went 2 angies in d afternoon 2 watch prison break wid her nd sim .. den we watched forgiven .. bdw prosit to all who took part in the pentecost dance :) u all looked liked angels hehe! somma 2moro we go out :D for dezzy ! :) happy bday swt Mwa x x x x Shes turning 19 u knw ( my baby growing up *sob* lol) !

Omg i found this Photo a prank done by my fellow scout mates wen we wer in Tunisia this time last yr hehe!

Looking Peachy lool!

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Anonymous said...

hehe yep...ur baby who's older den her mum is growing! :P hehe
thankyuuu sar! =)=)

cu 2nite mwaaaa!
Dezz xxxxxxxx =)