Saturday, September 15, 2007


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you .. happy birthday to dezzy happy birthday to you!!! Wat a great night .. Thanks go out to Louisa and Simon for organizing this whole night it was a blast :) lol for us 2 keep quiet .. was such a burden .. lol and wid dat false alarm .. but im glad it worked out well!!! "SURPRISE" lol .. nd wen she went running into pauls room cause of the fright she got .. hihi .. we danced d night away took loads of photos 46 to be exact ... glad to see most of u der! Insomma nd 2moro ders another surprise in store 4 her! he he he *evil laugh tone* insomma hope u all enjoyed d night i knw i sure did !!! Happy bday 2 dezzy may u have a gr8 yr .. full of blessings!! Hope u enjoy the photos x x x x Gbu all & tc

Luv Sarah

Charlene and Angela

Dezzy nd Krissy

Nikki nd Victor

Steve Znah nd Drew

Dezz Ian nd me

Dezz nd mark

Dez nd d guys

The girls nd mark

Group Photo

Ang, Ann nd Des

Annalise & steve

Group Photo

Can u feel the love??!

Angelique's D group

Mark nd matt lifting up chris

Me nd Vanny x x

Matt nd Mark

Angy, Char The bday girl & me




Me nd dezzy

Matt nd d girls


The girls .. and something a little extra in the pic

Char nd Pedro Dancing

A dance off between Chris and Mark



Dnt ask!

Iva drew .. lol


Bovo & Zlajn


Steve and the girls

Drew Fooling around

Drew and char arguing .. typical lol

Drew nd Charlene :)

Krissy nd Steve!

The girls discussing

Rachel showing me her shoes! :)

The guys playin pool

Matt nd Krissy

Joe showing Steve how to shoot

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey sar and d whole lot of u!!!

Ur such a wonderful bunch of blessings to me! i had d best bday ever so far...beginnin wit my parents prezzie, d surprise party u guys threw 4me, d lovely card and prezzie, lunch wit my family, and now 2nite....*spent all day tryin 2guess* hehe.

Honestly guys at Mass 2day i thanked God 4each and every one of u, 4ur friendships, and 4d many things each individual taught me along d years.

Its beautiful bein 19 and having such sincere, honest, trust worthy, loving & fun friends like u wit Jesus as d root of everything!
God bless u all and thank you so much 4just bein d ppl u R!
And an extra thankyu 2u sarah for from apart from all d things id like 2thank u 4...for takin fotos and recording every memory!
I love u! =) hihi
Dezz =)


PS. cnt wait 4 2nite mmaaa how curious i am now! lool