Sunday, September 2, 2007

"my dream is to fly over the rainbow so high...."

Hey there y'all how u doin? im n2b well had a gr8 weekend nd i thank u dezz 4 one gr8 weekend .. we swam @ 3 am .. FREEEZZZING!!! slept @ 5.30 am .. woke up @ 11...11.30...12....12.30.. den finally stayed up @ 1 pm ... yep .. den i stayed looking for something 4 drama team nd i decided on doing a 3 min monologue ... wen wer supposed 2 do one .. i hope i nail it .. sim later on tried 2 help me learn it lol ... its hilarious .. though i hope i dnt make a whole complete mess... neways .. 2moro spending a whole day @ my grans :) like old times den its off 2 drama team .. lol gna spend most of d day studyin d monologue .. :S newyas .. man 2nite was so much fun .. we went to a cafe den me dess sim nd elaine ended up gng out .. we stayed @ 121 ... amazing music .. found some crazy guys .. hilarious .. lol one of dem looked like he liked simon .. lol ... miskin .. sry sim .. imma insomma im off . tc gbu x x x x cu 2moro


Sarah ;)

Thre group

Karl nd Elaine

Sim & Krissy

I always had my thoughts Sim ...

like ... wooow man... ur like all blured nd stuff...

daisy & mend her pink hat!

hmm... does dis make my head look big

Elaine x x x

Me& elaine x x

Ajma dezz x x x

Me & daisy x x x

Daisy x x x

eh sim ur getting d best of dem :P


The hilarious guy... who was quite fond of Sim lol

"my dream is to fly ..."

Nd ended up dancing wid me ...LOOOOL!!!

d girliesx x x

Daisy, Elaine & Sim looking on ..

Me, Elaine, Des & Sim!


Simon said...

yeah it was fun, thanks for not posting THAT photo. I'm sure you'll learn the monologue, now I have to find one for me :S

sgiusti said...

Ur welcome sim .. bdw u did gr8 !!! ;)

Anonymous said...

ooohh gimme e break sar....ders too much dezz-ness on ur blog today! ;) lol

yep...twas a gud one.
welcome bak 2kristie!! gr8 2hav her bak! =)

tnx 4d gr8 nite guys!...we need 2increase in number dow
gbu all
Dezz =) x x x

sgiusti said...

We Love you dess we do mwa x x x

WE krissy tooo much glad to have u bk x x x x