Monday, September 3, 2007

You christians got me wrong!

Hey there!!

How u all doin? i really enjoyed drama team 2day! I think we all did .. well apart from d part wen paula dropped me ..... well no dat was actually quite funny... yes ... dat wud explain d tears in my eyes hehe .. explanation .. we had an exercise to gain trust from each other .. it was d catching exercise .. d girls & d boys ... so it was my turn right?? so i do d whole trusting thing nd next thing u knw .. im on d floor cos paula didnt realise i was drawing closer to her .. and i end up gng down on her left side straight 4 d floor..thank God she broke the fall ...very funny .. or then another famous one .. it was stefans turn .. nd the whole group joins in .. nd louisa is near matt urp ... nd .. after a few tries stefan is passed 2 matt nd lou .. and wat does she do ?? she runs .. away leaving matt 2 catch stefan on his own .. he quickly pushes..throwing him 2 d rest making him fall they to managed to break his fall...den the monologues very well done to everyone!!! You all hv a gr8 talent.. van wid d bimbo .. paula as d xiha .. "JANUARY!!" HILARIOUS!!! Charlene very well done as Pilates wife ... sim as the dying boy .. u almost made me cry .. and d gay vampire... "Vampires dont wear pastels ..." Drew u acted very professional .. with both ur acts .. like d one of d mafia lol .. "u disrespecting my family, my honour..." Stefan as d old man .. very surprised with the accent nd all "JASPER!"... Matt as a guy who loves Jesus .. who wants the gift of tounges.."NOTHING.." hehe .. den d joint play .. so funny .. lou was amazing .. and van .. " mommy can i stuff my head in d washer??!?" LOFL and me?? u ask ?? i ended up doing stand up comedy.. a part dat Rowan Atkinson .. had done once called welcome 2 hell ... at first i wasnt sure.. but it was funny .. i hope i did well .. :S i was so nervous.." christians, christians? Ah yes .. im afraid the Jews wer right !" hehe! Cnt wait 4 d treasure hunt! lol 3 guys nd im d only girl my group .. ah well .. its gna be gr8... I can never stop thanking and i believe u all agree .. for Paul & Denise's unfailing love and respect 4 us! .. u cnt make it anymore perfect den it is ...! "WE LOVE YOU WE DO!!!" hehe neways id like to finish with how amazing u all are ... we all have gifts .. God has blessed us so much .. with so many gifts that we do not always realize nd i pray that he may continue blessing us 4 His glory 4 HE IS AN AWESOME GOD :D

GBU ALL x x x

P.s sry i didnt manage 2 put up all d videos
but it takes a long time ... esp of paulas hehe !
Oh nd sry 4 it being dark, camera..!

Drew reciting lines from the Godfather

ok .. sim .. scaring me....

He really does love being gay loool jk...

He really seems to like his character!

Simon acting like d gay vampire....

Vanny acting like d bimbo hehe .. wid her $600

Drew acting as a gay french guy! lol

Stefan too...

Vannys turn hehe

Sims turn

Simon blindfolding Vanny

The Group pushing drew...

Vanessa just finishing d exercise

Sim blindfoldin drew

The group pushing simon

Vannys part




Anonymous said...

Looll sounds like a whole lot of crazy bastards! ;) hehe...(glad im one of you ;))

luv u guys!
sry cudnt make it, but enjoyed one of the diminishing nights of freedom ;))

gbu all
Dezz =) x x x x
btw Sar im sure u did brill...watchin u reherse it killed me enuff at home...let alone in d comedy atmosphere;)

Paws (Paula) said...

Well i would like to start by telling you I'M REAAAAAALLLY SORRRY :p......
I didn't mean to drop you lol ...also i would like to congratulate you for doing a really good,funny performance yesterday lol.............. luv ya loads xxxxxxx
btw pls if it's possible send me the clip of me doing my bit........ tnx tc Gb and gd job on your blog xx

Simon said...

Just to put this out there
I am just a vry good actor

Sarah said...

I don't know Sim, I have my doubts sometimes. I think as time is going by things are emerging ;) Loving the blog Sar. I saw that clip of Rowan Atkinson... hillarious! I'm sure you did great!

Anonymous said...

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!