Tuesday, September 18, 2007

On Strike ...!

Hello there...

Since, my dear friend Simon Callus decided not to post any blogs .. den i decided 2 go on strike!!! Sim .. i love ur blog its really interesting .. doenst matter if u have pics or not .. i read it .. i read urs drews sarahs nd marks .. dey dnt put on pics.. if it makes u feel better .. i wnt post anymore .. cos i dnt want 2 hurt ppl through it! :( seriously if i hurt or annoyed anyone through this blog pls tell me .. cos i never meant 2 hurt anyone!!

Over nd out!




Anonymous said...

eeeee kif sirna!!!

dat tfal tal-llum kollhom strikes! ejja Sar hi caqlaq im waitin 4u 2 blog!
U both hav 2 start blogging or else ill stop taking fotos and using my cam! bribing too now!:P

luv u lowdz pupa!
Dezz =)

^KaI^ said...

im offended sar..u dont read my blog :'(..but its a gud idea to go on strike..i think ill do that too! and sim we all love ur blog!!! u no we do!!!

lessismore said...

qiskom mizzewgin. Ejja aqtawa. make up. or take a pic of u making up so that u both can post a bloody photo u panzies.

Anonymous said...

looolllll u kill me mark!!! hehehe ajma dezz!

Bernie said...

Smile:):):)'re on candid cameraaaa!!!...What does this have to do with this nothing...just felt like saying that!!!

Sar...enj blogging and Sim...keep blogging!!!