Monday, September 17, 2007

Don Mesquita Everybodys best friend!!! Right paula?!??

"This way ..!"
"As if its this way .. c'mon trust me..!"

5 Minutes later...

"Wait this isnt the mdina experience...SARAH!"
"Uh..hey i wasnt the only one... sim too thought that it was there"
"k wer gna have to run it .."
"Guys (mumbling).. why do i even bother ?"
*walking and mumbling...*

Hey Guys how r u ?

Man wat a night we had so much fun!!!

Ok we came second.. but it was fun ... ! before i say anything i wud like to thank Firstly Paul and Denise for coming up with the idea of making a treasure hunt.. and for there fantastic leadership these past few weeks .. and for todays amazing activity another thanks to veronica nd joe diacono and also for sue's help! Man the teams .. wer funny very original names! Of course.. ours ..was the best .. a gr8 big thnks 2 sim for doin d t-shirts ..and gng all d way down 2 gzira for them .. u wer a gr8 leader sim ;)

Well i was in the team wid van aka butter, simon aka ham, nd mike aka the cheese!! Lol and i was the bread of life :) we managed 2 mention all the questions ok some of them wer abit tough but we managed to answer dem .. it didnt take us long to figure out the word puzzle as soon as mike went "God" we figured it out in a flash! After an hr nd a half of running around mdina we went to fontanella to eat something and to hear the deliberation well done to all of u .. "we're all winners!"

  1. Zebra Crossing - Matt Azzopardi , Ian Diacono, Paula Mintoff and Steve
  2. Fairplay- Matt Urpani, Karl Diacono, Charlene Zammit and Bernice Abdilla
    nd Ham & Cheese -Simon Callus, Mike B.Mallia, Vanessa Vassallo and ME! :)
  3. Suf(f)- Andrew Camilleri, Ian Azzopardi, Louisa Abela and Annabelle Grech
  4. Chaotic Bliss- Desiree Azzopardi, Vanessa Callus, Steve Diacono and Stefan Bonici
Prosit Guys!

Thanks dezzy for the photos! X'naghmel minghajrek! MWA x x x

Gbu all cnt wait 4 d next one!

Denise Mintoff hehe

Joe, Lulu nd matt

Zebra Crossing

Group photo

Sue annabelle nd vannessa

More of us eating @ fontanella

us at fontanella

Me nd d torch hehe

Bovo's Artistic design

Mdina by night!

The Girls



Zebra Crossing.. Winners!

Ham and Cheese ..



Chaotic Bliss


Simon said...

yeah vry weell done all of you, thanks to the organizers, it was fun,
we need to organize another big one now...
np for the tshirts

Paula said...

well done on the blog really nice amazing!! Yay and thanks for doing the Don Mesquita or Mosquito as some would say :P caw caw tc xxxxxxxxxx

Bernie said...

Ok i tend to say Mosquito...i guess we r allowed to mess up his name a bit after 3 frights last night... Keep up d blog sar:):)