Sunday, September 9, 2007

Strike a pose!


Sunday ... the day of rest hehe ...well 2day in the morning went to mass.. met wid Steven and Annabelle chatted abit went home den in d evening we went 2 valletta! Quite a large group there was (from the seatin lol ..) me John (dr), Ian d. , Karl, Mike, Vanny, Dezzy, Louisa, Elaine Stefan nd Kristie ... went off 2 cafe Jubilee den we went 4 a walk and stopped at the old theatre for a photo shoot .. loool it was a gd place .. while gng der we stumbled upon vannessa v nd her bf .... we scared d shit out of dem screaming! lool msieken! Anyways d photos came really gd .. it was fun! Lsn ppl one thing if i bug u wid d photos tell me .. i dnt want to bug u ..! Insomma 2moro we have the girl adoration thingie @ millenuim chapel den we go 4 a drink so it should be nice.. im off 2 bed... Gn & Tc!

GBU x x x


Lulu, dezzy nd vanny !

Vanny nd me

Michael nd Karl

Elaine, Ian nd Lou


Vanny x x x

You'd all make gd statues u knw :P

Strike a pose! :D

Me nd krissy again



Elaine nd me

Lou nd dessy

Me nd Karl

Krissy nd karl

Vanessa v. nd her bf

Karl mike nd lou

Group photo

Karl nd mike foolin around..

The Girls

Krissy nd Vanny x x x

Me nd Krissy x x

Dezzy, Vanny nd Elaine

Des nd lou how swt x x x

Me nd dezz x x

Guess who?!?!

Karl nd Mike!


Look up in d sky!!

Good Night!


Marquita said...

Hey Sarah! On Monday I've work at McDonald's Bay street till 11:30 pm. CAN YOU PLEEAAAAASSSSEEE come and say Hi! I would have really loved to come but I couldn't. It would really make my day if you come. Thank you.

Charlene said...

i love the photos sar!!!! for me u can just keep posting :) they're great!! at least we can all have some memories of now!! hehe

Cu 2nite love u pupa

mike_BM said...

ajma ..... lol


Simon said...

right so no one complains with your photos iots just mine they made a fuss about
nice top dezz :P