Friday, September 21, 2007

Welcome To The Island Of Gozo!

Hey there!!

How u all doin! Man 2day was so much fun .. Thanks Go to Ian and Bernice .. who came up wid d idea.. den id also like 2 thank louisa and her father for the free lift up 2 Gozo wid der boat ;) thnks again.. neways we wer pllaning 2 catch d bus from imgarr 2 rabat but a soon as we got off d boat dis lady offered us a lift for quite a gd price ... so we wer very lucky a van wid melted stools karl was gna fall off i dunno how many times during d ride .. den we went 2 cafe royal for a coffee ugh d food der wasnt very gd.. my sandwhicch tasted of rubber :S imma insomma den after crossing a few roads here nd der .. we caught d bus 2 marsalforn .. thinking wat 2 do .. den we ended up walking it 2 qbajjar .. swam .. took balla photo .. hehe (new record) den went 2 eat @ d horizon very gd cheap food :) thanks all 4 ur amazing company i look foward to doin it next time! insomma just came bk from miguel's house.. went 2 watch a dvd .. "rumor has it " a twisty film .. Marks comments wer hilarious! Thanks mig 4 d cool nite .. enjoyed it alot ;)

@moro its John's "Surprise" party aw guys we still shout surprise .. lol ... i pray dat some of d guys arent hoping 2 dress indicent .. lol indicent ??!? In d morning me nd annabelle r gng 2 sliema 4 naqa shopping lol 2 try 2 find something better 4 d party :) so it gna be a gd and busy day 2 moro .. so dis is wer i stop cause its already 2.47am and i need my beauty sleep :)

Gbu tc x x x



P.S if u think dats alot of photos u should c wats in my computer!!?!?!

Me and Angie still half asleep on d bus!

Elaine nd Angie

Bernie nd Ian

Preparing 2 go

Ang nd Sim

Lulu, Matt, Sim, Angie



Note matt nd sim

Angie nd Lala

Group photo .. and yes d stool

The Melted stool


Group phtot 2

Group Photo

High Tea Kbir

Karl hitching for a ride 2 d centre .. (50 secs away )


HAppy face -Shut UP!!!

ME nd Sim


Elaine nd lara on d bus

ON the bus

Lulu nd van @ marsalforn


Say "CHEESE" ..

Lulu nd Vanny

Simon Swimmin

Nice pic

Vanny luv this pic

Wave ur hands up in d air like u just dnt care

Drews' One pack


d girls relaxing in d shade

drew is multi-taskin .. hiding nd wetting char.. lol



And Again

Vanny nd louisa posing very gd!

Luca, matt nd steve

Ang nd simon

How cute

Bernie nd char x x x

Abdul Urpani!


They r plannin a conspiracy

Me nd Char

Simon drawing

Me nd lala

Me nd Vanny x x x


Group Photo

Karl and Vanny

Sim nd char sorting out d money

Lala ang nd me

Girlies x x x

Karl nd drew wrestling

Lara steve nd me

Ber ian nd lu

Ber nd Znah, Lulu nd Matt


Karl nd Lara

Elaine,Rache nd Van

Rache nd Elaine

Bernie nd Ian hehe

Group Photo

Aww Matt nd lulu

Sim nd angie

Fair play Jones

funny faces

aww.. all exhauted after a whole day of walkin


Simon said...

nice photos, nice photos...taking my place vry well...proud of you.

Paula said...

This blog is PHOTOLISIOUS!!!!!!! :P i love it !!!!!!!! :) xx