Tuesday, October 9, 2007


"Sarah wake up now!!!!!!:
"WH-AT... WHA-T IS IT?!?!?
"WHY what happened? What time is it ??!"
"Dont ask questions just get up now ..!!"

Its 3.47 am and as soon as I stepped on the floor i feel something cold and tingly on my feet .. water .. OMG its everywhere... " hurry up wake up you brothers and grab a bucket .." i run to my bros room .. grabbed everything i could find in the wash room - squeezers, buckets floor clothes .. my dad and Luke moving the dryer away from the water .. suddenly the lights .. off .. they run too fix the problem .. the rain continues .. we grab spades to scoop the water to the buckets .. i have no idea - the confusion .. how ?? where???

We soon realized that one of the courtyards had been blocked from d few weeks of intensive building and fixing from up stairs all the dust and stones had clogged up the drains .. making a pool in the middle of my house ..!!! The tension rises ... still rains even harder .. we're all soaked .. nd d smell of drainage made me sick!!! What could get any worse than this?!? it did .... spoke to soon .. everything that touched the floor in my room was soaked my carpet my bags my shoes!! WHY ?!?!

Anyways after 2 whole ours of soaking & back breaking work .. we managed to scoop up most of the water ... all was left was to gather it up with the floor clothes .. i was so exhausted!! I only got 2 hrs of sleep and i was so cold and wet .. ugh! I pray it doesnt rain again lol . d funny thing is that now i knw im so gna laugh abt this in the future .. i was so angry that we ended up cleaning .. the mess of the people above us .. i felt so sorry for my small bros .. they had to shower and go straight to school .. no time for them to rest :(

Insomma all is well now .. that was an experience lol i will never 4get Lofl !

Anyways im off 2 sleep just in case it floods again 2nite ill get at least 5 hrs of sleep ;p hehe

x x x



lol i just had to!! ;)


CresceNet said...
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Anonymous said...

ohhh pupa!how sad...u made my heart all tiny! :(
hope d prob is solved now...
God bless u
x x x x