Monday, October 8, 2007

School is back .... back again!!

Hey guys!

Hope ur all doing well ...! I can finally say that i am a student again .. and i cant believe i just said dat with such a smile on my face but anyway .. im glad we did .. seeing all my teachers again .. twas funny! Although 2day all we had was a whole ballata of time-table confusion and stuff .. all my friends had clashes .. and i was d only one who had everything done in a matter of an hr .. and i managed 2 get a gr8 time-table (well better than expected) .. i just hv 2 see when my system lectures r .. so i knw its a bit too good to be true so better not get my hopes up high cause i knw it wud probably back fire lol! I officially start school on Thursday so i still have 2 days of relaxation! right now ur probably saying "how much does this girl relax ?!?" ALOT im lazy what can I say hehe ;p LOL imma x'taghmel ux .. ! anyways im off .. cu all Thursday!

Gbu all !!

x x x


Mad, Beck nd Claire

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