Friday, October 26, 2007


Friday ppl!!! How you all doing? sry i havent been bloggin much but im sure dat not everyone has even the time to go on the internet.. i know i didnt. . . gd news all that studyin was worth it !! my first test of this scholastic yr!!! a gr8 mark :) Yey ... !!! Happy ! well today i had a day out!! dats something .. cos right now i have no life .. and for me dats a big thing! Insomma me and Angie went to Sliema for a walk .. man d weather was freaky .. for those of u who didnt peak outside d window abit .. d fog .. was so thick u cudnt even see Valletta .. on the other side .. it was so bad ... ppl driving wid der brights ! Crazy man ! Insomma x'taghmel .. then vanny came and den mike mig and lara joined us for a nice thick chocolate at the magic kiosk! MMMMM... hehe anyways 2moro not much 2 do .. probably out i guess .. Hope to see you all tomorrow! :)

Luv ya all x x x x

Gbu tc




Mike said...

comment :P love u sar :P

sgiusti said...

:D tnx mikey made my day heehe :)

Bernie said...

yesterday was SPOOKY!!! Have stories to tell...

Anonymous said...

i always check out ur blog cos i hav lowdz of research so im often on d net...i hope i make ur day too! :'(

lol ajma dezz! toodles, hav a nice week! :)

sgiusti said...

DEzzy u make my week :D

Anonymous said...

hihi ...:)!!!
but u havent updated yet!!!!
ur blog is 4days EXPIRED! :p
luv u lowdz
xxxxxxx =)