Monday, October 22, 2007

"Right Ear Blue!"

Hey guys!

Sry 4 blogin a bit late but ive been really busy lately and all i can think abt is school! Anyways dis weekend was quite fun a very big thanks 2 Dezzy 4 inviting us to her house twice in a row had a gr8 time playing twister!! hehe oh d laughs! d battle of d soon 2 be md 's gd game ;)! Check out the photos ive posted .. HILARIOUS!!! anyways had a stressful day at school came home wid temperature ... so a bit sick & exhausted and tired need sleep!! but first got to get bk to my philosophy and systems hw!! Plus i have a bio test 2 study 4 .. yey .. !! Insomma have a nice day!!

God Bless Ya!!

x x x



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

omg i never laughed soo much at one go!=)=)=)
(pls note:do not attempt going upside down wen u know ur gonna spend most of d time laughing cos d blood seems to want to explode out of ur eye balls every time u laugh..)lol...tnx guys had a great time... i luv ur company xxxxxx

(lol i luv d title sar!!!kills me every tie i read it hehe!!)
hav a nice week pupa!
Dezz x x x