Monday, October 15, 2007


hey guys sry i took long to post but ive been really busy lately i non-stop at d moment .. well weekend was gr8 thanks go 2 elaine for making plans for d flat, to Arthur and Valerie for the amazing luch they cooked us and most of all 2 i thank God for the amazing healing service we had @ ta' pinu .. oh dis is a weekend i wnt 4get ... we spent 50% of d time getting wet.. i managed to step on every puddle infrony of me ... Christine miskina she got soaked getting d keys og d flat in her car hehe .. insomma .. im off to bed .. cos im knackered

Gbu all tc x x x

Cyas sarah


Simon said...

very nice photos sar, happy you all enjoyed it...
just a question, get back to me: How d'you put the music on your blog?

sgiusti said...

hey sim .. thnkx .. er.. d music was done with the slide show i had done in the previous post .. that swer d music is coming from :)

Gbu tc !