Friday, October 12, 2007

Relax ..... take it eeeeaaaasssyyy!!!

Hey all how are you? well i need to relax ...ive had 2 stressful days this whole systems time-table is ruining everything .. 2 whole days straight from 8-3 ay-yay-yay :S HELP! lol well ur all probably smirking right now saying ha! serves ur right for boasting lol ... :P ye i probably do yeah lol!i mean i cnt even have one break and as soon as i arrive home there bundles of work 2 do plus dis week we have d healing service .. so its not a usua,l week ... we need to be focused on d days ahead! insomma d only gd thing right now.. is that der r quite a lot of swt ppl in my classes .. (and im not referring 2 d girls looool :P ) its abt time lol! *coughs* Uwijja hopefully by next Monday everything wud be sorted out!

Insomma as u all knw this weekend we have the healing service at ta' pinu ... its gna be gr8 ... lets all expect gr8 things to happen 2 moro ... !!! He is gna rock Gozo 2moro!!! So im spending saturday night there .. lets pray it doesnt rain so much i get sea sick :S !!! Neways me's off 2 sleep cos i gotta wake up early 2moro!!! cu all 2moro

Gbu & tc's

x x x

tata Sasa!

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