Sunday, October 7, 2007

" I believe I can fly ..."


Ah Sunday quite a relaxing day .. yesterday we had Mikes and Bernice's surprise party lol .. which was s gr8! A Big Happy B'day 2 the both of ya .. ;) insomma 2day wee went off 4 a picnic as a drama team .. twas so much fun thank you Denise and Paul .. 4 this amazing activity .. hope we do it again sometime soon. we stayed discussing .. different subjects .. as practice ... of public speaking .. den we played some fun games hehe .. abit rough but was fun!!! insomma now skul starts ... and im having second thoughts lol .. i dnt feel like waking up 2moro hehe .. very lazy lol *yawn* uwijja we start lectures on d 11th .. so at least it isnt all dat crazy .. cnt wait 2 see my old teachers .. !!! hehe
Anyways im off cos i got 2 wake up early 4 2moro .. GBU all x x x


Daddy i want i house dis big!

Just close ur eyes ..(and ill push u off)

"Shall i jump ???"

Me nd Vanny x x x

You'll make a gr8 model drew :P


"i believe i can fly ..."

Nature calling

Paul nd Denise

Paws nd me

Karl bein his usual self lol

I gotcha'

Me nd steve

Colgate smile

Drews in his little world now ... the sun the beer..

Lofl vanny x x x

Brothers in arms

Smile and wave ... just smile and wave lol

Yeah Man!!!

The guys

the better group lol ;P

!st team miskina van on her own

Lol doin the New Zealand dance lofl

Paula Nd Drew

Drew nd Mike


Paul nd I

Huddle up!

discussing the no.s

Go drew go

Paul and Denise

Me nd paula

lol against each other

aww mike and vanny

Simply Drew

Smile Sue


rugby team


passing .. lol note karl and paul

Foul .. "i didnt touch her "

rough play

Sue nd rache

me nd vanny

Boys talk



Our stuff

drew nd sim

Vanny nd mike

Group photo # 1

Group photo #2

walking bk

Beautiful sundown


Simon said...

sunset, sunSET, not sun down
nice pics =)

Charlene said...

uff i wish i could have came yest!! grrr hate all the work i have..i really miss spending time with you guys!! oh well...only a few months left to go hehe
Love the new blog background..and all the photos..and all ur updates!! keep it up sar!!