Thursday, October 4, 2007

"Some family trees bear an enormous crop of nuts."

Hello Mad house? how are u guys? havent seen u all in ages hehe .. well 2day was a gr8 day .. got 2 spend a nice nite wid my family which is very rare since we're all very busy wid skul work and all imma insomma .. it was a nice.. hekk i felt the love of God through wat we did :D! My dad cud not stop teasing d cat lol he kept throwing int the air hehe .. didnt laugh dat much in ages! I muct admit through all d nagging and arguments wat we hv... its worth it.. hehe i love dis pic .. d funny stuff we do.. d memories .. through gd times and bad times we stick together .. dats wat a family is for!! And from here id like 2 thank my parents for raising me in thier own and gr8 unique way .. for i wud not be wat i am 2day!!! Luv u loads!!

Gbu all x x x cyas 2moro


p.s "The Family is one of nature's masterpieces"...... i say treasure it! ;)



Anonymous said...

awwwwwww sar! best blog eva!
yeah..."Home is best"!
xxxxxx luv u lowdz pupa!
& tnx 4 accompanying me till 3:15am on d net! nice companion at dat hour! loll
omg...3:15555 loll remeber mikesfilm aaaa its 3:15 now looll oopps!!
im offf looll
xxxxxxx cu 2mrw hopefully! ;) :P

Charlene said...

how cute sar!! its true theres nothing like the people at home!! Although most of the time their weird they're smply the best right? hehe
Love your blog..and the photos :) hehe
enjoy the rest of your day pupa