Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ugh....confused, sick and tired!!?!!?

I hate adolescence!!! i hate hormones i hate everything!!! I was in such a gd mood till now!! i hate these mood swings.. sometimes ur just sick of living its one of those days!!! Im so angry and i dnt knw why i dnt knw wat to do with myself (life in general).. sry for not being and inspiration2 all of u who are reading this.. i dnt feel like talking! UGH!!!!! leaving now .. g2g take out my anger on something.. music should help! pls pray 4 me !! Hope ur having a better time den i am!! hopefully 2moro ill be better! Gbu all tc!!



Anonymous said...

hey swt just read ur blog...moods come 2 most ppl in general...and personally d way to get rid of one wen it comes is by just deciding to kick urself out of it...knowing a mood is gonna screw up ur day is ridiculous wen u stop and think about it. isnt it?!

Stop and think about all d blessings in ur life...and if u really cant see any at d mom (although there will be many) just realise dat some dude is madly in love with u and cant wait to spend eternity with you...and His name is JeSuS =)...that, at least makes me smile i dont know about u, but FEELING loved is beatiful...and knowing u ARE loved by someone who is CONSTANT and will not decide to stop loving u, is an even more beautiful feeling!

Thats my personally-experienced advice....
God bless u pupa x x x

Simon said...

Hey Sarah,
come on, buck up,
i'm not gonna write a whole thingy of consolation, sry, but im at the office and i wanna finish this outreach dvd,
u know many ppl including me are always here for u when u need.
God bless u.

Marquita said...

Hello Sarah,

Bad moods, feeling down is VERY NORMAL. =) You can try the following:

Phoning a friend, going for a walk/run alone/accompanied, spending some time at a nearby chapel, skipping rope, taking a cold shower (especially when feeling lethargic), listening to Christian Light Radio, reading my blog ;) ... these are all things you can do when you're feeling down or in need to release a bit of steam. I tried them. When it's just a bad mood, they usually work. :) GBU and take care.