Wednesday, November 14, 2007

If you dare video

Hey guys ... well i can finally say how my weekend was! Well one word AMAZING i really found myself dis weekend everything was so incredible! i miss you guys so much already!! ONLY 363days 2 go until d next one :P i enjoyed d talks were very gd ! A big thank you goes to the organizers .. couldn't have asked for a better team! The worship team(band) and Pedro and Claire 4 d sound and projection! Simon Dez and Matt 4 the backdrop and the filming team ;)! EMILY AND JOHN FOR EVERYTHING!!!

Well the first day want much an introduction to the whole thing second day the talks wer all interesting we had one talk abt relationships by Andrew Consiglio we had a powerful exercise dat really touched me! OMG and the accident with the blanket ... cos the 3 stooges decided to go on a field trip at say ..3 am !! Bernice was in our room chattin as soon as she left we heard a big bang .. thinking that she fell over something the next day we realise dat Znah Drew and Xmun bumped into the wall dropping the ashtray and everything in there way! CLASSIC!! hehe

Man it passed away so fast! Really you guys are the best.. i never realised how lucky i am to have u guys! Thank you too those who helped me with my work .. all u intelligent people hehe ;) *wink* *wink* for Angie and Lala my roomies its been gr8! mwa x x x luv u guys! !

Insomma im really sry taking so long to post things .. but now i can show u most of d pics on this video its nothing much i know im no Jonny or Simon but hey im still learning ... hope u like it my first ever video! enjoy!!!

Gbu all x x x

Your sis in Christ Sarah ;)



Simon said...

yeah t'was fun
and proset for the video, its a rly fun way to show all the photos

may give some suggestions...?
im assuming your answer is yes :P
fades are slow changes and on fast music the effect feels out of place.
Also regarding changes, try and make them happen on the beat, or after every sentence, depending on the song.
Also: Fast music, fast changes
slow music, slow changes.
I'm telling you this because I know you will manage to become a great editor person, you have the intelligence to become (almost) as great as me :P
Gbu Sar,
Keep practising

Anonymous said...

simon had no partaking in the dropping of the ash-tray and bumping into d wall!...hehe twaz znah and drew "I was der" lol ;)

prosit pupa luvd d video
hav a great day!
God bless u
Dezz =) x x x

Bernie said...

Nice photos!! video li jerga jiehdok lura al mumenti tant sbieh!! Amazing Sar!! Keep it up;-)

Charlene said...

hey sarah!

writing this comment while on the phone wit u ;) lol

I love the video!! and i too believe that u will bcome a great editor person (agreeing wit simon here)hehe

cu 2nite pupa
Keep it up!

Simon said...

ide just like to say on behalf on myself and matt,