Monday, November 5, 2007

Near Enough to Touch, Strong Enough to Trust!

Weekend coming up guys! "If You Dare...."
Do we dare to take the step .. to trust in God.. to drop everything and follow Him? Are we just gonna stand there and just give the things we can't handle? Or are we gonna surrender everything and trust in Him? I've always had trust issues.. and i still do... lately my refuge is seeking in Him ... trusting Him letting go of my problems and focusing on what he wants from me .. its quite hard and emtional most of the time .. letting go of your own will .. and sometimes i choose not to listen.. regreting the consequences later on... its equally difficult to dismiss Him and resist Him why would I want to ? I need Him without Him I am nothing... I cant help but cry tears of joy to know that i can offer my heart up to Him completely! To seek refuge in Him...!

Do we dare to be different? or do we become shy when it comes to going to mass at the school that none of your friends attend to ? Or to do the sign of the cross on the bus? Or what happens when someone realises the Bible in your bag... are you gonna blame it on your religion teacher complaining that you need to get it for every lesson? its not the first time ive be ashamed of what I believe in .. im not judging i know im the first one to be pointed at! Hehe! Lets ask ourselves these questions! Charlene gave me a book .. its amazing .. i think it made me cry twice or three times till now its called "Next Door Saviour!" by Max Lucado Where he explains that we do not have to be ashamed of what we are .. When Jesus asked Matthew to join Him he was scared to leave his friends ... Jesus does not want to quarantine us, following Him does not mean forgetting your friends on the other hand he wants to meet them and get to know them .. so u know maybe being different might just help the person a lot!!!! XD

Hope i made sense :S Gbu all x x x




mike_BM said...

Sense. A lot

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enjoy it :)
im not coming :(

Anonymous said...

...great stuff

Dez xxx

Anonymous said...

Saraaaaaahhh!!!! u didnt update d weekend blog!!! waaa u promised me u wud cos ive got 5hrs of design on d pc at skul today...waaa sar wot am i gna do?!?! :( sniff...

...ajma dezz! lol