Saturday, November 3, 2007

The walls will tumble .. one more mile to Jericho!

Hey there ..!!! Before i say anything .. id like to wish a BIG BIG Happy B'day to Louisa ... who turned 17 very sry i could not make it to the party .. may God keep blessing you .. enjoy ur night ;) Gbu swt x x x x ! well today i went wid char to babysit her sis .. we watched "Raise Your Voice " an amazing film .. i suggest you watch it if u havent seen t yet .. it was a nice night thanks for everything ..!! got 2 hv some fun!! hehe dancing and singing ! lofl !! Somma weekend almost over :( got to work alot .. keep up wid d essays .. cos work is piling up!!! HELP! hehe soon d weekend !! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Not gna take so long .. cos im dead tired .. and i need to wake up early to go to mass!! Gbu all who are reading this Blog !!! again a great big happy bday to lulu !!

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